Corporate Pilates

Corporate Wellness Classes

Faulty posture and repetitive strain are known to be two of the main causes of back pain and muscle tension in the workplace. Jobs which involve sitting in the same position for long periods and using a keyboard or mouse repetitively can lead to aching or painful muscles in the shoulders, neck, back, wrists and hands. Incorrect posture whilst using a keyboard or writing can also lead to shortened pectoral muscles.

Pilates focuses on awareness of the neutral spine, lateral breathing and core stability. Regular classes will increase your awareness of your body and achieve a balanced body which is strong and supple, a flat stomach, increased flexibility with a strong back and core.

Specific stretching and strengthening exercises improve your posture, helping to re-educate the body’s postural muscles. These simple but effective exercises help alleviate aches and pains that often result from poor posture or repetitive loading, equipping you with techniques you can use in the office on a daily basis.


  • Avoid cradling the phone in your neck.
  • Keep your neutral spine; you may need a lumbar roll or wedge to help keep you in neutral.
  • Take regular breaks from sitting; your spine is constantly compressed whilst you seated so ensure you take time to release the pressure.
  • Don’t slouch in your chair! Keep your spine long, shoulder blades down and neck released.

Classes are available weekly on Thursdays at 12.00pm. 

Contact Linda Turner 0406 770 553 or email for more information.